What is VIRTUheart™?

VIRTUheartTM is an innovative clinical tool which can be used to investigate diseased coronary arteries. VIRTUheartTM computes intra-coronary physiology and virtual fractional flow reserve (vFFR) from angiogram images of the coronary arteries. Developed at the University of Sheffield, VIRTUheartTM uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to calculate changes in blood pressure which occur within diseased coronary arteries, rather than relying upon measurement with an invasive intracoronary pressure wire. VIRTUheartTM provides important clinical information for Doctors when making decisions about how to treat coronary artery disease. You can read more about the VIRTUheartTM project, or watch this video which explains more.

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The VIRTUheart™ workflow uses data from coronary angiography to compute virtual fractional flow reserve (vFFR).

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